Desperate Homebuilder Discounts

Reno Nevada NEW Homes

Reno’s homebuilders are desperate for your money…

During the housing boom – major homebuilders flocked to Reno Nevada for its combination of inflow immigration from California; lax growth policies; and cheap land. Now – they’ve all bought their land – the buyers have dried up – and they need to sell houses to keep up their quarterly earnings. All the major homebuilders operate in Reno / Sparks Nevada including: Centex, KB Homes, D.R. Horton, Lennar Homes, Toll Brothers, Pulte / Del Webb — and many more. They bought the land and now they need to sell houses – a lot of houses…

The Reno new homebuilder real estate trend for the Winter is a PRICE DECLINE GUARANTEE. Ask for it from any homebuilder. Some homebuilders are guaranteeing that if prices decline more – they’ll refund the difference. Sometimes up to a year – sometimes unlimited. This only applies to new home sales while new homes are still being sold.

We publish a weekly list of the desperate stunts of these builders to get you in their sales office. You can turn the situation to YOUR ADVANTAGE by contacting our partners on this page. During the boom – homebuilders wouldn’t pay commissions to Realtors — but today – they are happy to all work together in harmony. You will get the best advice and assistance by utilizing a Realtor in your new home purchase – and the home builder pays the cost.

Reno’s Desperate Homebuilder Stunts OF THE MONTH:

Most Desperate Builder Desperate Stunt
#1 – Our winner for the 4th consecutive week. D.R. Horton Price discounts of $60k – $70k or more at Wingfield Springs. Refunds of an additional $10k on your closing cost. Money talks and D.R. Horton is walking the walk. 775-626-5400. Continuous high priced advertising by this national builder with significant price cuts on homes. Wingfield details below:

  • “Ironstone” 1,426 sf for $264k / 1,819 sf for $259k
  • “Casserro Ranch” 2,291 sf $352 / 2,907 $418k. Many completed homes are ready for move-in (ie the original buyer walked).
  • “Copper Ridge” 2,228 sf $279k
  • New! “Esplanade” condos at Damonte Ranch – 1,309 for $231k; 1,621 for $266k; 1,805 for $286k
#2 Ryder Homes 1 Year price decline guarantee: Any decline in selling prices at Talon Pointe (Somersett / Northwest Reno from low $500k’s) will be refunded (% decline x your purchase price) until 12/31/2007. Also building in Sparks (no price guarantee shown?) at Firenze from the low $400k’s 775-355-7030.
#3 Caviata @ Kiley Ranch (Sparks) Unlimited price decline guarantee: Any future decline in price will be refunded to purchaser. Guarantee is curently only on the first 23 homes at community.
#4 Reynen and Bardis (R&B) “Use as you choose” incentives (ie discounts) from $20k to $30k. This Reno / Sacramento-based builder bought too much land at the wrong time and is sitting on significant standing inventory in South Reno and Wingfield.
#4.5 Meritage Homes National homebuilder in over their head and now ready to give you “easy qualifying loans” with no payments for up to 6 months; price discounts up to $75k; and free upgrades, appliances, and landscaping. We hear music to our ears at Meritage. They’re trying to sell homes at Somersett from the low $500’s 775-787-6620 and Wingfield from the high $200’s 775-626-9941.
#5 Pulte @ Somersett “Million dollar views” in a “million dollar community” (Somersett) – from the low $300k’s. With the Sun City plan not working out for Pulte in Reno — they’re moving to all-ages homes. These are “courtyard and duet homes”, which means small, small lots.
#6 Fallen Leaf Condominiums High on the list of most desperate. A cookie cutter set of “condo’s” on Mount Rose HIGHWAY that look suspiciously like apartments. They’re ready to give away a free condo in a random drawing for all buyers (up to 40), plus two free Mount Rose Ski Area season passes. Also thrilled to pay your realtor 5% to get you in the door (up from 4% a month ago). 775-284-1988
#7 Bailey and Dutton Kentfield Park now turning back to 2005 prices, since Reno home prices have fallen at least that far. Immediate occupancy in the homes they can’t sell from 1700 to 2600 square feet. They’ll throw in all the home’s landscaping — unheard of 2005. 853-9922Damonte Ranch mini-homes (1,064 square feet) from $276k including landscaping and fencing. Unheard of prices for tiny homes in one of South Reno’s best neighborhoods. 775-853-7700
#8 Lakemont Homes Ready-to-move-in homes (ie not sold / buyer fallout) across Northwest Reno / Sparks. They’ll pay your agent 4% (normal is 3%) to get you in the door.
#9 Lennar Homes They’ve got a glut of homes in all the most oversold areas: Wingfield Springs; Curti Ranch (just south of Damonte Ranch / Double Diamond); and Northwest Reno. The best reason they can give you to buy from them is that they sell to “1 in 3 homebuyers”. I’d suggest some real discounts versus useless stats on their “market share”.
#10 Centex Homes Discount prices in the Sparks foothills at Miramonte. Homes from mid $300k’s with two year warranties. A big builder with too much land that needs to get some houses sold quickly. 775-626-5529 They’ll pay your realtor 4% to get you in contract. No updates in December. ???? You may be able to do better with some of the more aggressive builders at the top of this list…
#11 Syncon Homes Way North Sparks homes “Shadow Ridge at Sugarloaf Peak”. Homes from 2300 to 4,300 square feet but no prices listed. A builder that may not have gotten the price news from the market yet… Give them a bit of time… 775-424-2400
#12 Tanamera Condo “Resort” Apartments converted to condos on South Meadows @ Double Diamond Parkway when prices were peaking. Now offering “$10k in incentives” from the mid $200’s. With small homes in Double Diamond / Damonte now approaching the $200’s – this one may not be ripe yet… 775-852-0808 This week’s sample close-out sale: $292k for dual masters and 2 full baths. They’ll throw down $7k towards closing costs to get this out the door.
#13 Silver Star / Brighton Manor Ambitious “in-fill” development near Moana and Lakeside — the area has some charm. You’ll be charmed by payments as low as rent ($1300 per month) and “many incentives”. The homes will still cost you from the high $300k’s and they are packed in very close. 775-825-1168
#14 The Village at Idlewild Park Condo’s in an older, charming Southwest Reno neighborhood near the Truckee River and Reno High School. Priced from the $170k’s which is a very low entry point. Big developers; quality construction; very good location. Worth a look 775-234-2777