Stainmaster Carpet Warranties

Just Ten Easy Steps to Warranty Service…

Read before you spill…

If you’ve bought carpet, or carpet for a new home lately – you know that a big way they sell the carpet is the ” amazing” warranties. But if you don’t read carefully, you’ll understand that you might have a better chance of winning at the lotto than getting a red center from a Stainmaster carpet warranty. Of course, it’s certainly possible to get your warranty service from a carpet warranty — but you’ll see there are many challenging steps as shown in our simple guide to…. carpet warranties.

  1. You’ll need the original sales receipt or “other documentation” of your carpet purchase. Make sure you have this readily available – you’ve got it — right?
  2. You’ll need to prove that you purchased Stainmaster carpet.
  3. Padding must meet Stainmaster requirements (typically 1/2 pound padding) for the “texture warranty”.
  4. You’ll need to prove that you had the carpet professionally cleaned ($$$) to try to get out the stain. Self-cleaning does not meet this rule.
  5. Be ready to provide your carpet mill name; carpet style name; and carpet style number — you’ve got all that handy — right?

Make sure your stain liquid isn’t “excluded”…

6. You’ll need to provide a 6″ x 6″ sample of your carpet.

7. You must attempt to clean the stain yourself using (summarized) warm water blotting with white cloth. Stainmaster offers 8 self-cleaning steps to clean your carpet with a variety of methods. Make sure to set aside some time for the 8 steps (samples: freeze with ice cubes; test nail polish remover; vinegar, etc.)

8. None of the following stains are covered. Make sure you don’t use any of this stuff near your carpet – or there is no warranty. Coincidentally, it’s some of the stuff that’s likely to badly stain your carpet. Per Stainmaster’s warranty, it’s not covered:

Uncovered Stain Types:

Bleach Hand Lotion Vaseline
Blood Ink White Glue
Chalk Hair Spray Rust
Crayon Lipstick Soot
Charcoal Machine Oil Toothpaste
Gum Makeup Urine / Feces (pet owners!)
Dirt (???) Grease Hair Oil
Cough Syrup

9. Regardless of if your carpet is stained, you need a professional cleaning every 2 years to be eligible for the warranty when it does get stained. Like everything, they’ll require proof of the professional cleaning for the texture retention warranty. Same as above – your carpet cleaner doesn’t meet this condition — nor does renting a machine yourself.

10. Warranty service – if you get it – doesn’t cover carpet pad (almost always replaced on carpet changes) and moving your heavy furniture. You’re on your own for these costs buddy.

In the end – if you saved all that documentation – AND got your bi-annual cleaning; AND went through all the self-cleaning steps; AND paid again for a professional cleaning – then….. you are likely to qualify for warranty service (see #10). Miss any of these or hit on any of the “uncovered stains” in our chart — and you’re living with a stain or buying your own carpet. Still high on Stainmaster carpet warranties?

All of the following information is summarized from the document, Stainmaster Carpet: “Consumer Warranties – Your Complete Guide to Carpet Care and Consumer Warranties” H50920 Rev. 3/04. This document or its updated revisions sets your actual rights, not our summarized editorial review of Stainmaster’s carpet warranty offers.