Northwest Reno Somersett

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You’ve discovered Reno’s fastest dropping home prices…

When you imagine the worst possible timing to construct a huge, new home development in Reno – Somersett pretty much hit the nail on the head. Opening up at the top of the boom – with huge portions devoted to “adults-only” communities from Pulte Homes / Del Webb — construction began at the peak, and has shifted into the bust. There are huge numbers of homes available with sellers (corporations and homeowners) – desperate to unload their turkey. Many bought on speculation based on the national new home builders coming to the area.

Somersett’s location is peaceful – but hardly convenient to jobs or major shopping centers. Located significantly west of the I-80 “Spaghetti Bowl” junction – Somersett is a healthy commute (by Reno / Sparks standards) – to the major malls and job centers located in South Reno closer to Double Diamond and Damonte Ranch.

Bargain home with hand laid tile kitchen counters and wood cabinets

Our CRAZY BARGAIN OF THE WEEK is 2,400+ – 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom beautiful home with privileges to the Somersett clubhouse with stunning swimming pool. This home was owned by some speculator — so no-one has ever even lived in it — it’s brand new! Check out the cool photos of the home’s exterior and kitchen above. Somersett has a great golf course also. You can get this home for (at most) $439k and it is practically brand new. Make them an offer – they just might take it…

Contact any of our real estate partners here on this page with MLS code 70003548 and they can advise you on how to make a low-ball offer on this home to get the best possible deal in a plunging real estate market with massive amounts of unsold inventory. Looks like the sellers (a real estate speculator) has never even lived in the home — so maybe this month will the lucky one. Prices are only going one direction: down.