Lennar Home Reviews

Deals and Discounts in Reno Nevada

Reno’s homebuilders are desperate for your money…

Lennar Homes is stuck with 14 developments in Reno. Reno is seeing 10% year-over-year price declines in real estate – with even great declines in some areas. Lennar needs to sell houses to satisfy their stockholders and they own a lot of land in Reno.

The Reno new homebuilder real estate trend for the year is a FREE UPGRADES. We got almost $20,000 in upgrades on our home at the builder’s asking price. By tying lots of free upgrades to your purchase price — you let the builder conceal the price decline in their development and sometimes avoid making price decline guarantee payments to other buyers. You make an offer to the builder (yes its a negotiation like any resale home) but include in your offer a long list of those same upgrades they have the ridiculously marked-up prices for. You get the home at the asking price, but with all the spiffy special grantile tile, porcelain tile, hardwood, electrical, on & on. Your challenge is to find out what the desirable common upgrades are before you make your offer so you can be very specific. Your worst case scenario is they will approve none or only some of the upgrades. Here’s some hints:

  • Granite slab countertops – one of the most expensive upgrades.
  • Quality tile / granite and/or hardwood flooring in any room that receives traffic – especially on the first floor. Look for traffic patterns on the floor plan.
  • Lights: Most homes include minimal lights so they can sell you more. Don’t forget audio wiring for your cool flat screen TV.

Lonely Lennar New Home Developments Seek Buyers – New 2008 Price Cuts!:

Area Development Our Review
Northeast Sparks – North of Wingfield Springs Saddlebrook at Pioneer Meadows Pioneer Meadows is endless land. Negotiate hard and pit the builders against each other. They need you. From the upper lower $300k’s 775-626-2410
Northeast Sparks – North of Wingfield Springs Candlera at Pioneer Meadows Pseudo Wingfield Springs from the mid low $300k’s. Get to know your car well – you’ll be in it plenty. 775-354-1600
Southeast Reno near Damonte Ranch Derby Run at Curti Ranch Curti Ranch is like Damonte Ranch – but it’s not Damonte Ranch. Relatively good location in Southeast Reno but watch out for busy, noisy roads. There is tons of new home building in this area so they should be ready to deal from their hoped for prices in the low $300k’s. 775-851-7711
Way North on Highway 395 – Lemmon Valley Horizons at Stonefield You can do better for the upper lower$200k’s but it gets you in cheap. Don’t expect too much for that price. 775-971-3935
Inner Golden Valley (North Valleys) Marinda at Northstar Ranch Same deal as below but $50k cheaper. Golden Valley is not the best area of Reno and you can buy at the same price in better areas.
Inner Golden Valley (North Valleys) Oriana at Northstar Ranch Not a good area by any means but you can bet they’re willing to sell cheap. Make sure to stop by the schools and check them out first. From the mid $300k’s. 775-971-3377
Northeast Sparks near Wingfield Springs Saddlebrook at Pioneer Meadows Anything for the upper $200k’s in Reno is worth checking out, but fill up your gas tank first — you’re going to be driving a ways Billy. 775-626-2400
Near University of Nevada Reno Sienna Ridge If you’re going to the University of Reno or want to party with the students – this is the area for you. You and your neighbors can rent your homes out to students once you move. 775-323-3048. At least for the upper lower $300k’s – it’s relatively close to shopping and jobs.
Way North End of Pyramid HIghway Silver Ridge at Eagle Canyon Eagle Canyon: It’s the same lame location as below but $50k cheaper. 775-323-3048
North East of Pyramid Highway – We call it Sun Valley. Sunrise at Eagle Canyon This development looks suspiciously close on the map to Reno’s famous mobile home festival called Sun Valley. They’re selling from the upper lower $300k’s, which is a lot to pay that far North. Note to self: There is a lot of traffic headed South in Reno to jobs. 775-626-6222
Dayton is East of Carson City. Woodrush at River Park We lived in Reno for over a decade and never visited Dayton. It’s East of Carson City (where no-one wants to go). If you want to be retired and peaceful and don’t need to buy anything – it’s perfect for you. We wouldn’t live there or pay the mid $200k’s but you might? 775-690-0709