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Reno / Sparks NV is one of the fastest declining real estate markets in the country.

If you are looking to profit from real estate investment; move to a beautiful area; or even “flip” real estate investments, Reno / Sparks Nevada’s free-falling real estate prices should be of great interest to you. The growing use of remote workplaces that leverage the Internet is fueling a shift of the population to exurbia cities such as Reno. Reno is surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, and ski areas. Home prices in Reno Nevada have dropped by over 50% since their peak in 2007.

Market Summary:


  • Over 5,000 homes for sale (rising) with under 300 homes sold per month = Buyer’s Market
  • Numerous downtown Reno condo towers complete or under construction.

Buyer Bargain Highlights:

Price cuts are everywhere. Check out our new Reno homebuilders for free-falling prices – especially in Sommersett’s golf community or search the Reno MLS for thousands of desperate sellers who need to cash out; bank foreclosures; vacant with sellers who have already left town.

Many new Reno homebuilders are now offering free upgrades that allow them to sell the houses at the advertised prices – but with tons of cool stuff thrown in. Make a great list and make an offer with a realtor’s help. They’ll sell a house and you’ll get a granite slab countertop free.

Reno Condos:

Reno Condo

Don’t believe the hype. Many Reno hotels are converting to high-end condominium homes – extensively renovating with granite slabs, hardwood flooring, and stainless steel appliance. Downtown Reno is changing quickly, and you can pick up bargains in today’s clear buyer’s market. Supply of thousands of these condo rooms in downtown Reno is creating great pricing opportunities for buyers in a fast developing city environment. Downtown Reno can be a lot of fun for frequent visitors, local nightlife lovers, and just those wanting to enjoy a city life with very little maintenance. Our Reno condos page has been updated for Fall 2008 estimated pricing of all major Reno condo towers and complexes.

Monthly Update: Home builders are now offering one year of home ownership with no payments. Can it be cheaper than rent? Ask for both a price decline guarantee and the free upgrades (flooring, hardwood, tile, electric, carpet, etc.) if you can get it.

Check out new Reno condo projects including the Sparks Victorian Square entertainment district and condos on the Truckee River.


If you want to buy a home in Reno Nevada – you have unprecedented negotiating clout to make “low-ball” offers on a wide variety of beautiful homes across the region. With home inventories of over ten months on the market – sellers (many are already in foreclosure) are often desperate to take any semi-reasonable offer to move on with their lives. During the winter months – real estate activity drops even further – even more increasing your ability to get a beautiful home for 25% below prices a year ago.

By choosing any of our real estate partners on this page – they can assist you in setting up situations where desperate sellers are competing for your money to get their long-standing home off the market – before prices decline even further. Hot suburban areas with beautiful new homes such as Double Diamond Reno are declining quickly with homebuilders competing for your business aggressively. Buyers – don’t miss our:

Lonely Homebuilder of the Week

Desperate Homebuilders – Top Reno Discounts – Our most popular feature, and updated regularly: We count down Reno’s homebuilders’ most desperate stunts to sell you a home. From price decline guarantees, to zero payments, to just cash — they are ready to deal like you’d usually see in a car dealer. Slow real estate markets mean these builders need to move homes any way they can.

$405k Foreclosure – 2,500+ Square Feet


If you need to sell your home – you are in a tough situation and need to get realistic quickly. There is massive inventory of identical homes on the markets, and the flow of buyers is drying up more quickly than a Nevada desert.

Reno offers excellent weather, a reasonable cost of living, convenient drive / fly access to many Western cities, and a social / nightlife above similar sized cities due to our huge tourism business. Located just 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe’s top ski resorts including Squaw Valley, Northstar at Tahoe, Alpine Meadows, and many others — Reno / Tahoe offers a recreation paradise for skiers, mountain bikers, and hikers. Nevada has no personal or corporate income tax — making it a top spot to retire or relocate. Raise your quality of living in the perfect place – Reno Nevada!

Real estate partners on this page homes in Reno’s top home communities including: Double Diamond Ranch, ArrowCreek golf country-club, D’Andrea golf country-club, Galena Forest, Montreux, Wingfield Springs / Red Hawk golf club, Sparks, Hidden Valley, Condominiums, and investment properties.

Granite and cherry wood on the cheap…

We now offer our CRAZY REAL ESTATE BARGAINS OF THE MONTH – where we show the most competitive home for sale in each of the major Reno areas:

Double Diamond / Damonte Ranch – Acres of identical, beautiful new homes most convenient to shopping, new schools and professional jobs.
Somersett – Reno’s fastest declining neighborhood with stunning views resort amenities…
Wingfield Springs / Northeast Sparks – New homes as far as the eye can see – with Centex, KB Homes, and many others desperate to move inventory and competing with resale homes.
Arrowcreek / Fieldcreek – Prestige neighborhoods near Mount Rose. Very few Reno residents can afford homes in this area — hence free-falling prices to affordable levels…
Galena and Mount Rose Areas – Best of the best. Beautiful homes in the foothills of beautiful Mount Rose – custom mansions, but all in a rapid price decline for a buyer’s market.

Whether you are investing for price appreciation, planning a real estate “flip”, buying your first home in Reno / Sparks, relocating from Northern California, or moving within Reno, our referral partners will give you the top service in Nevada. Their goal is to get you a crazy bargain on the wide selection of homes around Reno for sale.

You can easily search the Reno MLS with our partners (many agents make it a nightmare to search the MLS on your own). When you’re ready to get even more free help – just contact one of our agent partners.